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Discover the "HipMeal" app now.

Before HipSmile came into being, I launched HipMeal just over a year ago. The app was created because I am an enthusiastic hobby cook and love to try out new recipes. The passion for cooking came over me more often and easily two families could have been fed with the dish. Unfortunately, I cooked only for myself and so often too much of the food remained. I was looking for a solution to share my delicious surplus with other people. That’s how “HipMeal” was born ! We first launched the app in my original home country, Morocco. There, HipMeal quickly gained a lot of popularity and gained notoriety through newspaper articles and TV interviews. Many people started sharing their meals and especially supporting poor people with food donations. This made me very happy and motivated me to look for a solution to other problems I observed, especially in my North African home country.

About HipMeal and HipSmile​

The idea for the next app “HipSmile” was born… I wanted to build a platform where people can ask for or offer help in a dignified and non-bureaucratic way. There are people in poor countries who die because they can’t buy medicine or pay doctor or hospital fees. Many children do not go to school because their parents cannot pay for school and books. In the winter months, children freeze because they have no clothes.

But this raises the legitimate question of whether there are poor people living in rich Switzerland at all? Yes, there are, even if this poverty is not always immediately visible. There are 735,000 people living in poverty in Switzerland. Everyday things like health insurance, food, hobbies or clothing are not a matter of course for many people. That’s why with “HipSmile” you can bring a smile by passing on books, clothes or simply your time!


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